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“Susan Wingate is a virtuoso when it comes to character development and tension, both internal and external. Sacrifice at Sea is her most ambitious work yet – giving us characters struggling amidst love, commitment, mystery, and murder – and she delivers beautifully.” ~ Michael Angel, Amazon bestselling author of I Married the Third Horseman.

“Susan Wingate knows how to write. In this third novel in her BOBBY’S DINER series, Georgette and Willy think they’re taking a pleasant cruise with friends. But Zach Pinzer is aboard, and he’s angry. Susan weaves romance, fun, and suspense throughout this fast-paced novel, which will shock you at the end.” ~ Terry Persun author of Sweet Song and Rev7.


“A suspenseful and well-penned novel that is sure to entertain… Read on!” ~ Suspense Magazine


“Susan Wingate does a wonderful job of making an entirely improbable situation seem so real and believable. I’ve read an older book of hers titled, “Of The Law,” and although that one was intriguing (actually very intriguing, but that’s another review), this one has everything a reader could ask for. Great dialogue, gritty drama, and terrific writing. I could listen to Vannesa and Georgette get into it all night long. And so will you.” ~ Gary Ponzo, award-winning author of the Nick Bracco series (including A Touch of Malice and A Touch of Deceit)

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