Writing Instruction

Susan Wingate offers six fun and inspirational writing workshops.
Susan’s library workshops are typically free to the public. Check your local library’s website to see what visiting author will be in your town.
To View Upcoming Workshops, go to the “Writing Workshops in Your Area” tab.
For personalized writing services, you can contact Susan at: susan@susanwingate.com.
  • Private Writing Instruction – $65/hour for in-person instruction; $45/hour for online instruction (Students interested should contact Susan directly at susan@susanwingate.com)
  • For Upcoming Scheduled Workshops, Click Here.
  • Ghostwriting Services – Susan Wingate accepts contracted ghostwriting jobs. Her ghostwriting rates are either “AS TOLD TO” (which mentions the ghostwriter’s name) or “NO CREDIT” (which keeps the ghostwriter confidential) — both are contracted services 
For more information on what you might pay for ghostwriting services, Writers Market provides a handy rates chart, http://www.writersdigest.com/upload/images/PDF/WhatShouldICharge.pdf
Susan’s Manuscript Evaluation & Critique* service includes reading your double-spaced manuscript, making comments within the manuscript & writing a full report based character development, voice & point of view narrator, scene setting, theme, dialogue, plot development and pacing – $799