Writing “The End” on Your Novel

…the guru makes a good point–one where we are just another writer in the flotsam who needs a substantial inventory to make a living…

Makes Me Smile

The reviews are in: “With a title like The Deer Effect, somehow the reader anticipates a story about hunting – but this couldn’t be further from the truth.”

I Don’t Believe You! How’d You Do That?

Employing a sense of unreliability by using the antihero in writing.

Eleven Steps to becoming a successful writer–it all Starts in the Morning

There you have it. How to become a successful novelist. Hope these steps work for you too.

Today’s Prayer

As I sit in prayer, I realize I need to work harder at loving people.

The Last Day for Black Friday Book Deals! So Let’s Make it Count.

Ending with Power! Monday’s Black Friday Book Deals weekend features faith-based novels, inspirational stories and writing instruction.

Black Friday Book Deals for Sunday! Featuring #1 Amazon Bestseller Authors

Black Friday book deals continue with 5 different fantasy authors and their novels. Books range from Free on up but no matter the price, these stories are worth it.

Black Friday Book Deals Featuring NY Times & Amazon Bestsellers

More Black Friday Book Deals from J. Carson Black, Joshua Graham, Aaron Patterson and Terry Persun.

Black Friday Book Deals Featuring NY Times & Amazon Bestsellers

Featuring the PRIME 5 authors of “Detective Ink” ~ five tales from the private investigators of Detective Ink in New York City.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a great Thanksgiving. God bless you.

The Skinny on My Next Book Project

DETECTIVE INK–from the Prime 5 authors. 5 mystery/thrillers from 5 authors including New York Times and Amazon Bestsellers.

Author Interview – Susan Wingate – The Deer Effect

Originally posted on Ch'kara SilverWolf:
Today’s author interview is with Susan Wingate about her book The Deer Effect. ? Short author bio: Amazon┬áBestselling Author, Susan Wingate Susan’s writing has been hailed by…

Entering Book Awards and All That Jazz!

Early in my career, my poetry, short fiction and novels won a few awards. Winning helped launch my career forward and now, I’m writing for a living–a good living.

Cold Writing ~ Weather Inspired

It’s icy here in the Pacific Northwest. Warm weather took a powder about 2 weeks ago and we’re left with rime and dry air…

Nevermore the Frigid Day

A daily writing to a story that will be available only on this blog.

Free eBooks ~ “The Deer Effect” Book Giveaway Continues!

“I’m totally hooked!” ~Marilyn J.
“I’m enjoying this story much the way I enjoyed Mitch Albom’s ‘Five People You Meet in Heaven.'” ~Juliet L.
“Up to chapter 17 of The Deer Effect you got me totally hooked.” ~Suzanne K.
“So sharing and so free… I am in awe.” ~RD L.


Originally posted on Meglena Ivanova:
Susan Wingate NEW BOOK From the author of DROWNING – winner of the 2011 Forward National Literature Award for Drama and #1 Amazon bestseller. “THE DEER EFFECT is…

The Responsibility of the Author

Our most loyal readers chat us up via social sites and comment on our blogs. They pass off our eBooks to others to read

Yesterday and Today and Tomorrow… “The Deer Effect”

The eBook giveaway for THE DEER EFFECT is finally here!

“Stop Procrastinating”: the App: A #NaNoWriMo Writing Tool

Get through NaNoWriMo without all those nasty distractions!

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