“Stop Procrastinating”: the App: A #NaNoWriMo Writing Tool

Get through NaNoWriMo without all those nasty distractions!

After the Push and Back, I #amwriting #novels Again

Do you need more magic in your fiction? Check out Deb Lund’s new tool for writers.

Three More Days but Who’s Counting?

This is NOT another funny cat photo blog post.

Wrap the World in Prayer

I believe.

“Pressed Pennies” A First Chapter Excerpt from Author Steven Manchester

A combo-platter of author interview and novel excerpt!

Workshops I’m Teaching this year at the Whidbey Island Writers Conference

Be afraid. Be very afraid. I’m a triple threat.

A Writer’s Conference of Great Distinction on Whidbey Island

I’m honored again this year to be teaching at one of my favorite writers conferences. What’s awesome is that the conference is held as close to my backyard as it can get! Whidbey… Continue reading

On The Treadmill with Kurt Vonnegut

I’m sure these are normal thoughts.

Excerpt from Thriller Novel “Stray Bullet” by Simon Duringer (btw Simon is an Alien)

An author with a space face and a tux. Who says we writers are schizo?

Meet two of the Many voices (okay, meet four)

My voices sometimes get into arguments. Do yours? Pray, tell.

New Cover Reveal for “The Deer Effect”

New cover reveal of THE DEER EFFECT~~Available now exclusively on Amazon.

Novel Excerpt from Guest Author Gabriel Constans

Guest author Gabriel Constans novel excerpt from Zen Master Tova Tarantino Toshiba: The Illustrious and Delusional Abbess of Satire.

Money From Nothing

“There’s no business like the know-it-all business,” Rabbi Tova used to say, when referring to those who attempted to profit financially from those seeking spiritual truths. One guy, who called himself Guru Godsend, had become very wealthy by promising his followers that anytime they donated to his organization they were guaranteed to have a personal interview with him (or one of his adherents’) and thus obtain immediate and direct access to The One.

What is Irony? Irony is my makeup drawer… for one

What’s up with the stuffed, disorganization of my makeup drawer?

Out from Under the Floor with an Excerpt from Paranormal-ish Novel “The Deer Effect” by Susan Wingate #amwriting

This chapter in THE DEER EFFECT shows what life might be on “the other side.” I’ve taken some liberties but who really knows for sure? Oh, yes. Right. God knows. :)

Chapter Four of “The Deer Effect”, Seven more weeks to go!

This scene comes immediately after the first tragic event–the scene that launches the story into existence. Bobby, the dog and cohort of Rod’s, is the major player in this scene.

9 Weeks Until the Release date Makes for 9 Free Chapters of “The Deer Effect” – A Novel of Loss & Hope

I began writing THE DEER EFFECT because of a dead fawn I spotted one day as I walked my dog on a regular jaunt around our neighborhood. It broke my heart to see its little body. Sometimes beauty is broken by cruelties.

An Excerpt from Guest Blogger & Author Daniel Haight’s “Iron Mountain”

Flotilla Series – Iron Mountain – Amazon Dystopian Fiction ~ Discover a Near-Future Thriller That Combines Hard Sci-Fi with Amazing Adventure ~ for Readers from Young Adults to Veteran Geeks, Dan Haight’s IRON MOUNTAIN.

Excerpt from “The Deer Effect” – A Psychological Suspenseful Tale Out November 5th

For fans who enjoy reading books by Alice Sebold, Margaret Atwood, and Ian McEwan or any other authors who write suspenseful family drama, you may enjoy THE DEER EFFECT.

A Story of Loss and Forgiveness, “The Deer Effect”

When you reach Heaven, you’re given three memories. Just three. One for the past, one for the present and one for the future.
My memories? Of my mother, my husband and my dog. In that order.

My Latest Thriller entitled “THE HUNGER EATER” by Susan Wingate

Bella released the safety with her thumb.

“Sorry Frank.” She straightened her arm, aiming the gun again and, with ample strength of her slender thumb, she cocked it and let Safra drop to the floor and once again stepped into a firing stance—one foot slightly in front of the other to prevent the loss of balance due to the gun’s kick.

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